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Lady Assassin

Katya, Lady Assassin

Bel Thorne,
Hedge Witch

Bel Thorne, Hedge Witch

Qi Lin,
Shadow Thief

Qi Lin, Shadow Thief

A follower of Shi’in, Goddess of Love and Death, Katya has trained as both an assassin and a courtesan. As beautiful as she is deadly, Lady Kat brings passion to both her work and her life.

Living in upstate Minnesota, Bel runs a small business selling charms, amulets, and other magical items over the Internet—but unlike most Websites Bel’s are genuine. Bel has a small amount of Power and she uses that to help her friends and anyone who turns to her in need.

Known as the Shadow Thief, Qi Lin is a rogue thief, operating outside the safety—and the restrictions—of the Thieves’ Guild. Beautiful, cunning, and highly competent, she seeks her vengeance on the Guild that destroyed all whom she ever loved.